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Axecuter: Metal Is Invincible
Axecuter Metal Is Invincible Review

Axecuter: Metal Is Invincible

Heavy/Speed Metal

It doesn't get more old school than Brazil's Axecuter. No hardcore. No groove metal. No modern nuances. No apologies. From band name to logo, from album title to the cover art, it's 1983 all over again.

Axecuter Band Photo

Axecuter:: spiked.

Metal Is Invincible is the band's first full-length album, although it does contain one song, Bangers Prevail, from a previously released cassette (how old school is that?). If the album title or band photo doesn't convince you of Axecuter's classic metal, certainly the songs will: Too Heavy to Load, Feed the Beast, No God No Devil Worship Metal, and the ever popular Keep On Sinning. They even cover a Manilla Road classic, Heavy Metal to the World; call it Axecuter's mission statement.

Basically, you get traditional heavy and speed metal, probably 40/60 split. The songs rumble along, eventually leading to Danmented's (yeah, all three have metal pseudonyms; what did you expect?) extended traditional metal guitar solo. Over this are Danmented's consistently raspy gravel throat, which can old real fast. That's it. No muss, no fuss old school metal. Yet, a final mention should be made of the longer piece, The Fires of Krakatoa, where Axecuter ventures into more epic metal, sort of Maiden and Manilla Road. Of all the songs, this is the one that shows that the band actually has depth beyond speed metal songs about metal conquering the world. Conclusion: simple, if you dig old school heavy speed metal, Axecuter's Metal Is Invincible is dead on target and you should scoop this up. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

If you dig old school heavy speed metal, Axecuter's Metal Is Invincible is dead on target and you should scoop this album up.

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