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Badmotorfinger: It's Not The End
Badmotorfinger - It's Not The End Album Review

Badmotorfinger: It's Not The End

(Melodic) Heavy Rock/Metal

Obviously taking their name from the popular Soundgarden album is Italy's Badmotorfinger with their debut album It's Not The End. Perhaps the title is a bit of double entendre: it good start for the band and the promise of more to come.

Badmotorfinger It's Not The End Band Photo

Badmotorfinger: sure is bright in there.

Largely, Badmotorfinger ventures into modern crossover land, blending classic hard rock with heavy metal. They work with a strong rock groove utilizing good melody but also crafty and catchy moments in both lyrics and arrangements, and then give it all a metal edge. Essentially, the band and the tunes have a lot of gusto and groove which makes for an entertaining presentation.

Normally, when there's an 'introduction' at the beginning of an album the expectation is that it does exactly that. It should give you a musical foretaste of what is too come, and then, in the case of Badmotorfinger, lead into some ass-kicking rock and roll. Well, it does, delivering The Fear, the first of many songs that deliver melody, groove, and catchy riffs and licks, all wrapped up in enough heaviness. The result is both head banging and toe-tapping rockin' metal. This continues with good success with Ghost, Ride the Storm, and the quite catchy, pseudo-inspirational Loser.

Badmotorfinger reaches near arena anthem quality with Brand New Day, but possibly succeeds better on the following No Second Chance; it's speedy and catchy with a great refrain and nice licks. A surprising offering comes with Afterlife where Badmotorfinger tries to tap into it's spiritual side. It's a tragic song as the lyricist wonder what comes after the end, but is resigned to say, 'I'd rather burn in Hell.' The latter half of the rounds out with two rockers Rebel, another accessible riff and refrain driven song, and a cover of Motorhead's Rock 'n' Roll which captures the band's fundamental direction. And fundamentally Badmotorfinger is a rock and roll band, simply on the heavier side of metal, but they get both groove and melody. It's the best formula, and if Badmotorfinger sticks with it, it will not be the end of this band. (It's also one of the better hard rock acts offered from our friends at logic(il)logic Records this past Spring.) Recommended.

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In Short

With It's Not The End, Badmotorfinger brings the melody and groove to the metal edginess of their classic hard rock.

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