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Devil To Pay: Fate Is Your Muse
Devil To Pay Fate Is Your Muse Album Review

Devil To Pay: Fate Is Your Muse

(Melodic) Heavy Rock

Indianapolis heavy hitters Devil To Pay are back with their fourth album of melodic heavy rock, Fate Is Your Muse, now with Ripple Music. Fate may be their muse as well, but more likely it's both the muses of riffs and groove.

Devil To Pay Band Photo

Devil To Pay:: hair to stay.

Like most heavy rock, Devil To Pay has a large sound, chunky and rumbling, but delivered with the smoothness of chunky peanut butter. Several songs here, like the appropriately titled Wearin' You Down and Already Dead, could easily put the band into the stoner or sludge camp. If not, the Sabbath-slow tunes Beyond the Ether and Yes Master will, where the master is the riff.

But it's not all plodding along within Fate Is Your Muse. Another aptly titled song, This Train Won't Stop (see video below), defines the character of their other speedier songs like the opener Prepare to Die, and the later Savonarola, Black Black Heart, or the groovy psychedelic of Tie One On. For die hard fans of the band and heavy rock in general, it's a good balance of songs and also a good display of the band's creativity. However, for me, some of the slower, slogging, stuff mires me down and causes me to want to hit the skip button. Nevertheless, Fate Is Your Muse is easily recommended.

Devil To Pay:: This Train Won't Stop - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Devil To Pay's Fate Is Your Muse once more displays the band's significant talent in creating melodic heavy rock, from up tempo rockers to plodding stoner sludge hymns.

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