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Messenger: Starwolf Part 1 - The Messengers
Messenger Starwolf Part 1 The Messengers Album Review

Messenger: Starwolf Part 1 - The Messengers

Heavy/Power Metal

Germany's Messenger returns with the first chapter of their new sci-fi metal epic, Starwolf Part 1 - The Messengers. According to the band, who have changed their names to represent characters in the tale, the story was created in cooperation with 'novelist' Victor L. Pax (whom I'm quite sure does not exist). The story is rather convoluted having something to do with some religious inquisition overthrowing science and technology in the galaxy.

Messenger Starwolf Part 1 The Messengers Photo

Messenger: burning up the stage.

While the religious rulers purged technology, they also enslaved or killed most all of the sex workers. Survivors became pirates seeking to find the remnants of technology. (I know, this is getting weird, but I told you so.) Some are also followers of Starwolf, spreading his revolutionary message of freedom and the return of science. Okay then, did you get all that?

So that's the story. What about the music? It's classic melodic heavy and power metal in the best Germanic tradition; 'true metal,' if you will. Messenger is quite good at it, too. Galloping rhythm section, big vocal arrangements, and lots of traditional soaring guitar solos. You get the drill. Put the two together, story and music, what you have, without the folk or medieval references, is basically Blind Guardian in outer space. That's pretty much all you need to know. But here are some notable and powerful cuts: Starwolf, Pirates of Space, Born to Face the Wind, and Raiders of Galaxy.

Listen, Then Buy: Messenger - Starwolf Part One - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Messenger's Starwolf Part 1 - The Messengers applies classic power metal to a sci-fi fantasy story creating Blind Guardian in outer space.

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