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Military Arcade: Revolution Is Imminent
Military Arcade Revolution Is Iminent Review

Military Arcade: Revolution Is Imminent

Melodic Hard/Punk Rock

Military Arcade is an upstart young rock band from the UK launching their full-length debut album Revolution Is Imminent On first spin, it's rather clear that this trio is influenced by mid-Eighties English punk rock from the likes of The Alarm, U2, and Big Country. Yet, Revolution Is Imminent is a tale of two sounds.

Military Arcade Band Photo

Military Arcade:: live.

First, there's the definite UK punk sound, less spiked hair and pierced lips of, say, Sex Pistols, and more stylized Eighties like the aforementioned bands. You get this at the start with Why We Fight through The Grouch, where there's enough angst and sneer to pass as punk. Then you get a more modern side of punk, the post-punk of Green Day, with The Trucker and No Money.

But then the band veers towards more conventional melodic hard rock. Yes, a bit of that punkish stuff resonates, but it mostly comes from Aaron Miles' vocal timbre. Reptilia is a solid rocker with an exceptional guitar solo. Later, after a dubious segue, Emergency Broadcast System, Military Arcade returns to punk (and the military revolutionary theme) with Viva La Revolution, albeit more raw and old school. Then they do a one-eighty and return to the Eighties-style blend of melodic hard and punk with the title cut. Back in the day, this could have been either an Alarm or Big Country song.

It wouldn't be fair to say that Military Arcade is conflicted in their musical approach because the underlying theme (Eighties UK melodic hard/punk rock) is self-evident. It simply needs to be developed. Nevertheless, Revolution Is Imminent is greater than average start for this promising band. Now, if I can only find my old Alarm albums. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

With Revolution Is Imminent, UK's Military Arcade channels more than a little of the Eighties melodic hard/punk rock from the likes of The Alarm and Big Country.

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