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ReinXeed: A New World
ReinXeed A New World Album Review

ReinXeed: A New World

Melodic/Symphonic/Power Metal

A funny thing happened on the way to writing this review. Starting up ReinXeed's sixth album, A New World, I cranked up the stereo and listened to the first two songs, only to realize I was a out of coffee. I went downstairs for a refill, absentmindedly forgetting to pause Windows Media Player. Distracted, I looked out the front door, checking the weather (warm and humid), the mail (not here yet), and what my neighbors were doing (not much), and then petted Lily, the little black dangerdog. I'm sure 10 minutes had passed.

ReinXeed A New World Photo

ReinXeed: look really pissed.

I ambled upstairs to the Dangerdog HQ office, only to hear music playing. Shit. ReinXeed's A New World was still playing, and I wondered what I had missed. That was my first mistake. As I entered the office, knowing that at the very least that two songs, maybe three, had playedI paused to listen, wondering what I may have missed.

Is that the same song playing when I left, I asked myself. Can't be. Nope. Didn't have the player on repeat. (After all, I did listen to the first two songs without the repetition of either.) I think you know where I'm going with this.

There are two ways that you can perceive the new ReinXeed album. On the positive side, you could say that band is constant and still in their stride, still doing their version of melodic, symphonic, and bombastic power metal. Conversely, you might suggest that the band is simply redundant and predictable. The fact that I could walk away for 10 minutes while A New World was playing and then return having thought I missed nothing of consequence would lend credence to the former opinion.

The truth is somewhere in between, a matter of both possibilities. If anything, this album, generally, sounds more like a traditional power metal work, perhaps more guitar oriented and less symphonic. But that's a point that could be debated as that latter element is more than adequate here. Nevertheless, as always, ReinXeed fills the album with lots of big riffs and guitar solos. It's more of the same ReinXeed, but could you really expect them to do anything different. No. Best cuts: A New World, Final Destination, Guitar Hero (see below), and The Journey Home.

ReinXeed - Guitar Hero (HD) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

A New World more of the same ReinXeed, but could you really expect them to do anything different. No.

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