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Robin McAlpine: A Rethink On My Part
Robin McAlpine A Rethink On My Part Album CD Review

Robin McAlpine: A Rethink On My Part

Instrumental Guitar

Layers of keyboards, and guitar start the first track, Action At A Distance. This song has a very AOR/80's rock feel to it. It does not take long before Robin's lead guitar prowess comes in. Each section of this song, is played like a verse, a melody he returns to at different points in the song. His amazing solo comes in at the two and a half minute mark. Three minutes and ten seconds in, the song completely changes, and goes into a mix of keyboards and drums. While this change of pace is very cool, it is kind of jarring from what comes before it.

Many of the songs on the disc, follow a similar structure, where his leads build upon a motif or basic melody. When I say basic, I don't mean run of the mill, scale based solos. His fretwork is exceptional. So I Do, has an absolutely beautiful guitar tone that is heard throughout the song. Hints of delay and reverb can be heard throughout his lead at the three minute and fifteen second mark. My only complaint is that the lead guitar during the solo drowns out the accompanying music that is being played behind it.

More shredding yet blues infused soloing opens up 20 Degrees Sud. This song I believe is a highlight on the disc, with each instrument being heard. The bass especially sounds great on this song. As A Moment Becomes A Memory, is another ballad. You can hear a percussive guitar(which I believe is guitar) and bass playing behind some gorgeous guitar playing. Subtil Jon, uses a different guitar tone all together. The mixture of his shred guitar playing with hints of jazz and blues, adds to the feel of the song. The song also features a nice use of a wah pedal effect.

Fall of The Concrete Soldiers, is probably my favorite song. Driving drums and powerful bass lines give this song its attitude. It is very melodic yet heavy, with some of Robin's amazing guitar playing. If you only listened to one song on this disc, or wanted to get a feel of how talented he is, this is the song to listen too. Watermark, is just Robin playing a beautiful yet short clean guitar melody. Niborous Cypher ends the disc, much like the way it started, full-on shred.

While each song shares Robin's songwriting style, each sounds different. The disc runs the gamut of emotions, musical styles, and is truly a work of art. Easily recommended to those who love instrumental guitar rock music. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

The disc runs the gamut of emotions, musical styles, and is truly a work of art.

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