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Vandroya: One
Vandroya One Review

Vandroya: One

Progressive Power Metal

In the tradition of peers like Almah and Angra comes another Brazilian metal band, the female-fronted Vandroya with their debut album One. Though the heritage is rich, progressive power metal can sometimes be problematic and familiar leading one to be skeptical or even dismissive of the latest offering.

Vandroya Band Photo

Vandroya:: pick out the cute one.

Quite honestly, this was my first reaction to Vandroya. Been there, done that, even with the female vocals. Although that latter element should not be surprising to any person considering the proliferation of female-fronted bands in the last 10 years. First impression told me one simple thing: One is speedy, sometimes epic, melodic power metal with some prog elements standing on the strength on one song, Why Should We Say Goodbye.

But it's not all that simple, and that would be to dismissive. While One rumbles along on the prog power tracks, after another listen, several songs stand out. Notably, The Last Free Land, Within Shadows, and Solar Night bring more than a breathless pace, but also stronger arrangements with big riffs, even bigger guitar solos, and lush synths for epic atmosphere. Conversely, despite her clear, clean, and generally strong voice, Daísa Munhoz is essentially pummeled by the music. You have to wait for the breakdowns, more quiet segues, to appreciate her skill. The possible exception is the aforementioned Why Should We Say Goodbye, but even here she's in competition with the music. Nevertheless, One is a strong premier for Vandroya, another promising Brazilian metal band. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

One is a strong premier for Vandroya, another promising Brazilian metal band delivering melodic and progressive power metal.

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