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Adrenaline Rush: Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush 2014 Debut CD Album Review

Adrenaline Rush: Adrenaline Rush

Melodic Hard Rock

How do you go from a cute eight year old pop singer in a successful Swedish duo to a slutty 22 year old, Lita Ford wannabe, singer in a modern version of an Eighties sleaze hard rock band in a matter of 14 years? Beats me. Maybe the progression, or evolution, for singer Tave Wanning, formerly of the teen pop duo Peaches, was simply natural. Or her parents were absent from the scene.

Adrenaline Rush Photo

Adrenaline Rush: Wanning at the forefront.

If anything Wanning has some musical savvy and cunning. She hand picked her musicians for her band Adrenaline Rush. Then she hooked up with notable producer, musician, and song writer Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T) guide the recording of their debut album. Now signed to Frontiers Records, all things are going her way. So, ultimately, the question is, Is there any substance behind that 20-something pole dancing rock girl esprit?

Surprisingly or not, the answer is yes. First, Wanning can definitely sing and, from watching the Change video, she has the rock girl moves. Alternatively, considering her chosen sleaze rock genre, her voice doesn't quite have the sneer and snarl, which came from punk, normally found in the music. She sounds, at times, more like early Britney Spears pushed through Debbie Gibson (remember her, and not from the SyFy channel movies?). In other words, she still sounds like she's fifteen, at times. But she tries, and succeeds often at being leather clad rock chick effective notably with Generation Left Behind, Oh Yeah!, Hit You Like a Rock, and Girls Gone Wild. These are some the best songs here, filled with power and swagger. Wanning will only succeed at getting better.

Musically, to the songs, it's fundamental: darn catchy melodic hard rock, with enough metal edge to be blistering at times. Rock groove leaps from most everything song, powered by terrific melodies and vocal harmonies, and the necessary crankin' guitar solos. To be honest, I suspect much of this spirit, creativity, and coherence comes from Martensson at the helm, directing the musicians like musical mad genius. The result is that there's not a single bad song, and certainly no filler, on this debut. That's rather impressive. Alternatively, some might simply say that Adrenaline Rush sounds like they pulled the male vocalist from Crazy Lixx (or any other Swedish glam/sleaze band) and simply dropped in Tave Wanning as a substitute, and the band played on. Nevertheless, I liked her voice and the tunes. Good stuff, and recommended.

Adrenaline Rush - Change (Official Video) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Adrenaline Rush offers melodic hard rock of the Eighties sleaze variety, with young female vocalist Tave Wanning wanting to show the boys that she has the savvy and swagger to pull it off, and she does.

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