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Ended: About To Fall
Ended About To Fall CD Album Review

Ended: About To Fall

Hard Rock

The debut disc from these Swedish rock and rollers shows promise but also demonstrates that these guys have a long way to go before they become a known commodity in the music industry. There is passion in their music but the execution is lacking in a few areas.

Ended About To Fall Band Photo

Ended: on a cold day.

My first thought upon listening to the album About To Fall is that the band knows a lot about classic rock. There is a quality that takes me back to the heyday of the stadium rockers, most notably Damn Yankees or maybe a touch of Great White. Ended knows there is a place for melody in heavy metal. Where they fall short in comparison with these bands is in the vocal department. Lead singer Lars Granat is good but if they want to take it up a notch, this is one spot that will have to be improved.

Lars is also the main songwriter and he has a passion for unique time signatures and strange chord progressions. Sometimes this works as in the song Supernova but in other places it just feels as like an old fashion record being played at the wrong speed. Still he has some very creative ideas and I think that there is going to be some very tasty rock and roll produced by him and his band.

My favorite song on this album is the power ballad Visit by Wormwood. It closes out the disc in a way that leaves you wanting to hear more. This song alone shows the potential that the band has and I just wish that they would have lived up to it throughout the disc. While there is no real lows on the album, it doesn't grab you in anyway either. The band is going to have to step up their game a bit if they want to stand out from the pack but unlike so many other bands out there, they donít have far to go to achieve that goal.

Ended - About To Fall (Teaser Video) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Ended has tons of potential but they just fall a little short with their debut album.

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