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Mach22: Sweet Talk Intervention
Mach22 Sweet Talk Intervention CD Album Review

Mach22: Sweet Talk Intervention

Melodic Hard Rock

Considering the talent, experience, and heredity within Philadelphia's Mach22 you would expect something special from this band and their debut album Sweet Talk Intervention. Founder and vocalist Lamont Caldwell has played and toured with Erykah Badu, Common, Dave Matthews Band, The Roots, and Jay-Z. Lead guitarist Sebastian LaBar is the son of Cinderella's own Jeff LaBar, who taught his son and produced the album.

Mach22 Sweet Talk Intervention Band Photo

Mach22: standing still.

Bassist Jaron Gulinois has his own successful metal band On Top. Guitarist Ted Merrill's previous band opened for many national acts and is sponsored by PRS Guitars. Drummer Damian MonteCarlo also has performance and touring experience, played guitar in several bands, and held the producer's chair for several albums. Like I said there's more than a little talent here.

And the results are all good. This is classic melodic hard rock, with a bit of the blues, and a metal edge tossed in for good measure. You'll hear sounds that will remind of Guns N Roses, Stone Temple Pilot, a little bit of Lenny Kravitz, thanks to Caldwell's timbre, and simply some good old late Eighties hair metal. Every song has swagger and groove that makes them rock with focus and strength for absolutely catchy results.

Sebestian LaBar is rather spry and lively on the guitar and you'll hear more than a little of his father's own style in his playing. Yet his style still delivers straight hard rock flair, touching it with the sharpness of a metal edge. Kudos must go to LaBar senior for his production as there's a crispness to the album, investing each instrument with clarity, though sometimes Caldwell could have been brought up a little more at times. It's tough to pick favorites as all the songs are strong, but I'd lean to Go Ahead, I'm Just A Man, Radio, and the groove monster Don't You Give Me. I wasn't too keen on One Trick Pony and Nevermind, the final two songs, as they seemed to run together. Yet they rocked and the guitar solo in the latter is nearly Slash-like. As I said, it's all good. Sweet Talk Intervention is easily recommended.

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In Short

With a boat load of talent, Mach22 delivers classic melodic hard rock they it was meant to be and the way you remember it, with lots of grit, groove, and swagger.

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