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Metalsteel: This Is Your Revelation
Metalsteel This Is Your Revelation CD Album Review

Metalsteel: This Is Your Revelation

Heavy Metal

You can't be much more 'metal' when your band name is Metalsteel. Coming from the small country of Slovenia, at the top of the Adriatic Sea and underneath Austria, Metalsteel delivers their fourth studio album This Is Your Revelation. It's nine songs of traditional heavy/power metal.

Metalsteel This Is Your Revelation Band Photo

Metalsteel: busted bowling ball.

Metalsteel took a mostly unusual approach to production, if I understand their press kit correctly, by recording each song as a band, rather than in individual parts. If anything, the songs demonstrate the band's inherent cohesiveness, the ability to play well together. After that, what you have is some traditional metal driven by strong melodies, some rock groove, sharp guitar solos, and Beni Kic's raw raspy vocals. They take a little getting used to simply because you can't tell if he's trying trying to be merely metal or give Metalsteel a more modern sound, with harsh vocals. Regardless, Metalsteel has a sound that reminds of something somewhere between of classic NWoBHM and mid period Megadeth.

After a first spin, I wanted to also conclude that this was a guitar-driven album, thanks to the fine solos. But after another spin, the guitar work is not the focal point. Though often modest in length, they're packed with power. Rather the focal point is the song. Like the cohesiveness of their performance, every instrument, player, melody, and arrangement work together producing a united, well-crafted, whole which, in turn, allows every player to shine. This is something that requires skill, talent, and confidence in you band mates. Rare qualities indeed. A good example of this comes in the late moments to New Messiah where, following a sweet solo, the guitar gives way to the bass and drums. Additionally, I was rather impressed with drummer Daša Trampuš who brings down the steady heavy metal beat without the use of double bass drums. In the end, This Is Your Revelation is strong and entertaining effort: simply well-forged traditional heavy metal. Favorite tracks: Long Time Ago, New Messiah, New Way of Thinking, and the title track. Easily recommended.

Metalsteel - New Way Of Thinking (Lyric Video) - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Metalsteel's This Is Your Revelation is strong and entertaining effort: simply well-forged traditional heavy metal. Easily recommended.

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