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Project Terror: Conquistador
Project Terror Conquistador CD Album Review

Project Terror: Conquistador

Heavy/Power Metal

Hailing from the hot flatlands of Texas, Project Terror is a heavy metal band formed several years ago by former Vicious Rumors vocalist Ronnie Stixx. However, that's not much of a claim to fame as he didn't record a single album with the band in his two or so year tenure. Might as well just start your own band.

Project Terror Conquistador Photo

Project Terror: in the Texas heat.

Here's a small head's up for Stixx, something he might want to keep in mind for the next album, as the founder and lead singer of the band, it would probably be best to make sure your vocals come through with some clarity. His voice is that of screamo metal singer, somewhere between Sean Peck and James Rivera. Most times, he's just screeching along, seeing how pitched he can be. While there are some exceptions here, Stixx is mostly over the top, off the rails, and indistinguishable from the guitars and drums, the prominent instruments here. Yet, the sharp and strong guitar leads are one of the better things about this album.

After this, musically, Project Terror falls in line with traditional American heavy, speed, and power metal bands. Obvious similarities to Vicious Rumors are there, but also Texas metal brethren Aska and Warrion. I would say Project Terror leans more towards speed metal, as most everything here, excepting possibly Destiny's Eyes, is swift, rushing right along. That song and Blood Red Skies are the only two songs where the vocals moderate and have some clarity. It's significant enough to make you wonder if it's Stixx at the microphone, but it is. I found those two songs the best of the bunch. Yet, I could probably narrow it down to simply Destiny's Eyes and be happy. I'd also like to say Stixx and Project Terror have some promise but, frankly, I have no idea where they could go from here. At least I didn't run away in terror after listening to Conquistador.

Project Terror - Conquistador - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Project Terror and Conquistador falls into the category of traditional American heavy, speed, and power metal but with screeching screamo vocals that lack clarity.

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