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Salvacion: God, Gold and Glory
Salvacion God Gold and Glory CD Album Review

Salvacion: God, Gold and Glory

Heavy/Power Metal

Salvacion is the creation of drummer Carlos Denogean with childhood friend and guitarist Nicholas Sponsel. Their simple goal and singular passion for the band is to keep traditional heavy metal alive. God, Gold and Glory, their third album, easily accomplishes both, as a tour-de-force of NWOBHM influenced classic American heavy metal.

Salvacion God Gold and Glory Band Photo

Salvacion: Sponsel and Denogean.

God, Gold and Glory is a rather ambitious project being based on an historical concept and involving more personnel than the principal players. The concept, developed and written by Denogean, recounts Spanish conquistador Herman Cortes' subjugation of Mexico and the Aztecs, and his lust for gold. Sponsel and Denogean were aided in this musical adventure by five guest vocalists and three guitarists, players coming from fellow North Carolinian bands Children of the Reptile and Colossus.

Musically, the album stays on task with melodic heavy and power metal throughout. There's nothing modern sounding (read: harsh, hardcore, et al) about this album, except maybe in the strength of the crisp production. What you can expect is a galloping pace, tempered by modest changes in tempo for more classic heavy metal, strong clean vocals, and a truck load of great metal guitar solos. Add Denogean's intelligent lyrics to the mix and toss in the fine art work from Yannick Bouchard, and you have a terrific classic metal album. While all the songs rock and provide for some headbanging and fist pumping metal, Gambler's Throw, Savage Reprisal, and the thundering Satan, Shame, and Steel are my top picks. Perhaps the only weakness here is that the album is too short, just over 30 minutes. Alternatively, Salvacion packs those 30 minutes with some powerful metal. Easily recommended.

Salvacion - God, Gold and Glory - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Salvacion's God, Gold and Glory offers a tour-de-force of NWOBHM influenced classic American heavy metal, in a short 30 minutes.

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