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Stud: Rust On The Rose
Stud - Rust On The Rose CD Album Review

Stud: Rust On The Rose

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

It took Finland's Stud better than 20 years to get their first album launched. But on the strength of that album, Out of the Darkness, Stud didn't waste any time, certainly not another 20 years, to get started on the follow up. They're back with Rust On The Rose.

Stud Rust on the Rose Photo

Stud: in black and white.

Stud has already fallen into a familiar sound: solid guitar-oriented melodic hard rock and metal. Some listeners might find that the band has gotten heavier, leaning more towards the melodic metal side of things. Even so they don't do this without melody and some ambitious rock groove. You'll definitely hear this in Raise Your Fist, Rust On The Rose, Break The Chains or Dangerous. The pace is quick, the riffs large, and Mika Kansikas's solos blistering.

Alternatively, Stud delivers an anthem of sorts at the end, Playing To Win, slowing things down and tossing in some acoustic guitar and slight keyboards. Unfortunately, there's something plodding and heavy about the song that bogs it down. A few other songs also struggle to connect. Poor Man's Buddy is another that feels like an exercise in simple heaviness, but it has a fine bass line. Another is I Don't Know which, oddly enough, sounds more abrasive thanks to the sharpness of the riffs that control the majority of the song. Nevertheless, these are simply small bumps in the road and likely a reflection of personal taste. They don't necessarily diminish what is basically another strong project from Stud. If you like melodic heavy metal with a big guitar sound, you should check out Stud's latest Rust On The Rose.

Stud - Rust On The Rose - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

If you like melodic heavy metal with a big guitar sound, you should check out Stud's latest Rust On The Rose.

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