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6:33: Deadly Scenes
6:33 - Deadly Scenes CD Album Review

6:33: Deadly Scenes

Melodic Circus/Swing/Pop Rock

6:33 wears masks, whether for photo shoots or live performances, you know, like Slipknot. I already hate them. The French band returns with their third album Deadly Scenes, and more of their eclectic sound.

6:33 Band Photo


Though I think they intend to play something akin tomelodic and progressive art rock with an orchestrated and theatrical feeling, it mostly sounds like circus music combined possibly with swing music. It's hardly novel. Rather 6:33 reminds me of Diablo Swing Orchestra with some Dakyra, Pepperdome, and maybe some Mr. Bungle thrown in for good measure. There may be an homage to Mike Patton in all this.

What it is, is quite lively most times, which you would expect from circus swing music. The band's talent is undeniable as is their song craftsmanship. On those laurels alone, one could suggest some exploration of this album. To be fair, not everything sounds like a carnival, the instrumental Last Bullet for a Gold Rattle has this light acoustic feel with a bit of a Western theme rolling underneath. Lazy Boy has this whacked out thrash punk thing going on with it's speed and punch in several places. Ego Fandango gives you that DSO vibe, like a mixture of double bass power metal and 6:33 circus swing motif, then wrapped in orchestration. If anything and mostly, Deadly Scenes keeps things brisk and lively as the execute their generally eclectic musical weirdness.

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In Short

If anything, with Deadly Scenes 6:33 keeps things brisk and lively as the execute their generally eclectic musical weirdness.

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