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Be The Wolf: Imago
Be The Wolf Imago CD Album Review

Be The Wolf: Imago

Modern Hard/Heavy Rock

One looks like a hippie, a refuge from the Seventies. Another looks like he stepped out of Italy's We IS Hipsters magazine, looking for his next taco food truck. The last, well, he's looks just plain gay. In the best sense. This is Be The Wolf with their first long player, Imago, and some raucous modern hard rock.

Be The Wolf Imago Band Photo

Be The Wolf

To say that their sound is modern hard rock is to also suggest one simple fact. Underneath it all is fundamental rock n roll. What the wolfsters do is blast it at you with brisk sharp riffs, smashing power chords and rhythms. Then they add a pretty much all go, no stop, tempo. This combination, at times, reminds me of the brashness of punk rock. But Federico Mondelli doesn't sound punk; he doesn't have that snotty punk sneer to his voice. Actually, his vocals are non-stop, in your face, as well. His delivery is brash, sounding like he's yelling at you. There are exceptions to some of this.

Mondelli tries a little alt rock melodic vocal hooting (yeah, like an owl) within The Fall. The problem is that it sounds like an afterthought added later. The House Of The Dead Snow is mostly toned back for the first half of the song. Mondelli more reasonable, the music lighter. It blasts back in later third, yet with moderation in the tempo. Another is One Man Wolfpack, with a subtle vocal start, only to rip into their raucous groove in mere moments. And that's one of the signature, convincing, elements of Be The Wolf. They know how to get their rock groove going. They merely make it louder and more abrasive (but not necessarily harsh, thanks to melody and harmony) from riffs to vocals. Mellow isn't in their vocabulary. In this sense, BTW's fundamental sound is nearly auditory punishment. Once done with this album, you may want to switch gears to something else. Just saying. Also to say, Be The Wolf's Imago won't stay in my rotation after this review is posted.

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In Short

Be The Wolf's Imago is the band taking classic hard rock and then blasting it at you with ear drum shredding sharp riffs, often yelling vocals, all at a frantic pace.

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