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Deadheads: Loadead
Deadheads Loadead CD Album Review

Deadheads: Loadead

Hard Rock

Alright. So here's the head's up for all you doped up dudes in your tie-dyed shirts, blue jeans, and sandals. Deadheads have absolutely nothing to do with the Grateful Dead. No they're not some Dead cover band. Deadheads are a Swedish rock n roll band.

Deadheads Loadead Band Photo


Actually, they may have some references to music as far back as Grateful Dead, at least to the Seventies. They have this heavy rock sound, common to the era, permanently driven by twin guitars, and sometimes touched with some blues as with Empty Howls. Additionally, sometimes common to early analog recordings, Deadheads recorded the album "live" in the studio, all members playing together without the usual individual headphones as well. The result is a more earthen, natural sound.

After this, Deadheads twist their sound with swiftness, that combination of punk rock and speed metal, again, with the guitars flailing away. The vocals, while clean, are quite deliberate. Not so much shouting at you, well maybe a little, but basically direct and in your face. But that defines Deadheads' sound as well. Including the ripping and visceral guitar solos. Nothing sums all this up then two songs: Let Loose The Fool and What's True. Both are barely over two minutes and blaze along like lightning along a mountain ridge. If 'razor sharp quick wit' could be transferred to music, it would definitely sound like What's True. Alternatively, moderation holds sway over the closing track UPC, the longest song. It has this nearly limping pace surrounded by fuzzed out guitars that basically bored me senseless. All in all, Deadheads' Loaded, is a brisk and rowdy, hard and heavy, rock n roll romp, with a touch of blues just to trick you up.

Deadheads - Out Of Here

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In Short

Deadheads' Loaded, is a brisk and rowdy, hard and heavy, rock n roll romp, with a touch of blues just to trick you up.

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