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Degreed: Dead But Not Forgotten
Degreed - Dead But Not Forgotten CD Album Review

Degreed: Dead But Not Forgotten

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

Formed by Swedish Idol finalist Robin Ericsson some 10 years ago, Degreed is melodic hard rock band from Sweden, arriving with their third album Dead But Not Forgotten. Having neither heard of the band or their music, I've been more than a little impressed with Degreed (rendered: degreed).

Degreed Dead But Not Forgotten Band Photo


My initial reaction was that their sound reminds of tradtional AOR melodic hard rock, and that certainly forms the foundation. But there's also a sharp edge to their music that bends them slightly to melodic metal. You'll hear this within The Scam, Kill Your Darlings, Forgive You, although it doesn't start that way. Additionally, there's somewhat of modern alt rock tone to their music. Mostly, this comes from the brisk sharp riffage, the synthesizer embellishment, and the vocal arrangements which have, to varying degrees, echoing and gang vocals. Touch Of Paradise is a good example of the latter. Essentially, degreed is straight up melodic hard rock, quite catchy at that, with emphasis on melody, harmony, hooks in lyrics, refrains, and arrangement. And there's an abundance of guitar solos, something that leaps them out of much of the current alt/indie band camp. Fall Out Boy couldn't handle any of this, especially with the guitar work. Yet, degreed could appeal to those same FOB fans as well as those of us who grew up on a diet of Eighties hard rock. Other top rockers include Drama, Turn Around Don't Back Down, and Face The Fact. Surprisingly, there's not a single ballad here, though I think degreed could write a terrific one if called upon. Otherwise, degreed's Dead But Not Forgotten is solid stuff: quality AOR melodic hard rock that's engaging and entertaining. Recommended.

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In Short

degreed's Dead But Not Forgotten is solid stuff: quality AOR melodic hard rock that's engaging and entertaining. Recommended.

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