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Dendera: Pillars Of Creation
Dendera - Pillars Of Creation CD Album Review

Dendera: Pillars Of Creation

Heavy/Power Metal

Back for another round, and possibly holding the fate of UK heavy metal in their grubby hands, is Portsmouth bombardiers Dendera. Pillars Of Creation is their second long player in two years and a welcome successor to their first.

Dendera - Pillars Of Creation Band Photo


For the the fan of classic heavy and power metal, there's a lot to like about Dendera, and maybe modern metal fans will have some interest as well. One thing to dig is the twin guitar harmony, yet bristling and sharp, heavy and intense. The latter couplet will probably attract the modern metal mavens.

But Dendera brings that intensity without going half-cocked into harshness and hardcore. Nope. Melody undergirds everything here. Whether the guitar riffs or fiery leads. And there's oodles of those babies, melodic and harmonic, ripping and soaring. Another element to consider and admire is Ashley Edison's vocal expression. His range is impressive, even curious. He can go from a raging and assertive style (another favorable point for the modern fan) to smooth and subtle voice, even within the same song. Yet he does this by singing clean and holding on to melody.

Having said these things about the vocals and guitars, we can't neglect the rhythm section. With the bass and drums, there's nothing really novel happening. The simply keep the groove and pace ready and steady. What more could you ask for in heavy metal? As for the songs, largely, there a good mixture of moderate heavy metal to more swift power metal. In the latter form, as within The Daylight Ending, the guitars can get a bit thrashy which, once more, can add to the modern tone. Add all these things up and it's all good. Not a bad song in the bunch, but I could have gone for dialed back metal anthem with a burning guitar solo ripped off and monopolizing the whole latter half of the song. Nevertheless, Dendera's Pillars Of Creation is classic heavy and power metal, still melodic, but made roaring and rousing for our current times. Recommended.

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In Short

Dendera's Pillars Of Creation is classic heavy and power metal, still melodic, but made roaring and rousing for our current times. Recommended.

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