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Distant Sun: Dark Matter
Distant Sun - Dark Matter CD Album Review

Distant Sun: Dark Matter

(Modern) Heavy/Thrash Metal

Hailing from Moscow, Distant Sun is basically guitarist Alexey Markov, with the help of local musicians. From what little information I have, it appears Markov cut one EP of five songs a few years back, Sunless Citadel. Now he arrives with his first long player, Dark Matter. Surprisingly, it's all new material and not the previous EP with additional songs.

Distant Sun Dark Matter Band Photo

Distant Sun's Alexey Markov

Markov's metal could best be framed in the context of some mixture of classic thrash and power, leaning more to the former. His riffs can be caustic, his voice harsh, making him suitable for modern metal fans. Matrix Hacked is probably the best example of these elements. Otherwise, Markov seems to want to reach back to early thrash, Metallica and Megadeth for his first inspiration. Some might even say his voice has a Hetfield-like delivery. But he's uglier, more barbed wire in delivery, so don't bother trying to understand him. You won't. (And his command of the English is possibly lacking as well.)

Mostly, with few exceptions, all the songs are heavy and fast, a bombardment suitable crushing ear drums and melting brain matter. Exceptions to the rule include Godsodom which, along with the speed, has notable melody and rock groove, and Gifts of Journey, with Markov doing an acoustic ballad. Ultimately, the album and songs are merely a platform for displaying his guitar skills. Once you get past the thick wall of riffage, Markov can deliver seem fiery and rabid traditional heavy metal leads. Adding this all up, Markov has created a modern thrash metal album with lots of heaviness, speed, riffage, and his ubiquitous guitar solos. You might dig it.

Distant Sun - Kill The Fremen

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In Short

With Distant Sun's Dark Matter, guitarist Alexey Markov has created a modern thrash metal album with lots of heaviness, speed, riffage, and his ubiquitous guitar solos.

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