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Doghouse Swine: Fearless (EP)
Doghouse Swine - Fearless EP CD Album Review

Doghouse Swine: Fearless (EP)

Hard/Punk Rock

If truth be told, there are at least two musical genres that I've had a declining interest in over the last five years, passing them by for review. One is thrash metal simply because many of the new incarnations want to sound modern by being harsh and hardcore. The second is punk rock because it seems that most modern bands have forgot their roots and want to sound that like that band of punk pussies, Green Day.

Doghouse Swine Photo

Doghouse Swine

New York's Doghouse Swine just might resurrect my interest in the latter. (Punk rock that is, not Green Day.) Underneath, in their bellies so to speak, this trio has the attitude and energy of early punk rock. But at the heart of their music is simply a desire to play rock n roll. After all, stripping away the angst, anger, and safety pins, the early punk rockers merely wanted bring back solid rock n roll.

Call their new EP, Fearless, a fine combination of punk and hard rock. They've got the guitars, with big riffs and raucous ripping leads. This is backed up by the energy and muster of a lively rhythm section. The vocalist, Ian, sings clean but with much of that punk sneer and abandon in his voice. But mostly Doghouse Swine can write some hooky groove-laden tunes that will keep you moving and grooving. Dangerous, Get Some, and Born in the Hole rumble with infectious energy. You might even hear a little of The Ramones in Knew It All from the bounce in the groove and the "hey, hey, hey" chants. This will sound odd to some. Doghouse Swine at times reminded me of a punk version of ZZ Top, only with shorter beards, merely because of groove and energy the trio can pack into one song. Ultimately, Doghouse Swine simply sounds good: punk n roll that's a whole lot of fun. Recommended.

Doghouse Swine - Dangerous

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In Short

Perhaps rekindling my interest in punk rock, Doghouse Swine simply sounds good: punk n roll that's a whole lot of fun. Recommended.

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