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Eat The Gun: Howlinwood
Eat The Gun Howlinwood CD Album Review

Eat The Gun: Howlinwood

Melodic Hard Rock

It started with 2013's Stripped To The Bone, and it appears that Eat The Gun is sticking to the formula. The band keeps to their strategy of creating, generally, bare bones power trio melodic hard rock. It's definitely working for them.

Eat The Gun Band Photo

Eat The Gun

This year's Howlinwood is basically riffs and rhythm section wrapped around clean vocals, generous melody, and catchy phrasing in arrangements and lyrics. These, in turn, are cloaked in an unpretentious, uncluttered, almost garage rock. For each song, purpose, function and instrument are nearly minimalist, subservient to the song. The result is a compact song, yet brimming with all those aforementioned qualities. Some are calling Eat The Gun's evolution modern alternative rock. Yeah. I can hear some Foo Fighters and other pioneers from the Nineties. But, essentially, Eat The Gun wants to rock and do so in the quinessential three tune. Even so, with this approach, many songs, like Trouble Magnetic, Blood On Your Hands, Electric Live, have a larger than life sound, notably from that riff and rhythm section connection. Other songs take the minimalist approach to crank out tight songs with true pop accessibility like Howlinwood and How Does It Feel. Alternatively, Old Friend is about as stripped as it gets with the vocals leading some lean guitar and tamer drums. Essentially, Howlinwood is another success story for the band and their musical style. They definitely settled into it and feel immensely comfortable. If you liked the last album, you're going to dig this one. Recommended.

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In Short

With Howlinwood, Eat The Gun keeps to their strategy of creating stripped down power trio melodic hard rock. It's definitely working for them.

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