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Eclipse: Armageddonize
Eclipse - Armageddonize CD Album Review

Eclipse: Armageddonize

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Here's another band that does nothing half-way or half-hearted. Sweden's Eclipse is a melodic hard rock and metal juggernaut, powered by the singing and songwriting of Erik Martensson and the guitar wizardry of Magnus Henriksson. And it only took them a mere three years this time to return with a new album, Armageddonize.

Eclipse Band Photo


Everything about Eclipse's sound and this album is larger than life. The rhythm section is booming and powerful in it's rock groove. Martensson writes songs that are filled with melody and catchy lyrics, and then delivers them like he's singing with his last breath. The vocal harmonies are especially immense and vigorous. Henriksson throws off riffs both heavy and melodic, then compliments them with stratosphere reaching solos. All this makes for some damn fine, spectacular, melodic songs that blur the line between hard rock and heavy metal, probably more to the latter.

This is some sweet stuff. All the songs are terrific, and there's no filler. Most every song is a rush charging hard rock. The metal edge notable throughout, but you'll definitely catch it with Blood Enemies or All Died Young, which could nearly pass for power metal. Yet, everything is so darn catchy; the melody and refrains of Blood Enemies, the mighty heavy Breakdown, or the radio-friendly Stand On Your Feet are infectious and memorable. There's a small respite with Live Like I'm Dying, but it's the heaviest ballad you're going to hear. Once more, with Armageddonize, Eclipse offers a powerful platter of their melodic hard rock and metal. Easily recommended.

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In Short

Once more, with Armageddonize, Eclipse offers a powerful platter of their melodic hard rock and metal. Easily recommended.

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