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Exmortus: Ride Forth
Exmortus Ride Forth CD Album Review

Exmortus: Ride Forth

Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal

Hanging around sunny Southern California since 2002 is metal band Exmortus. They have to be one of the hardest working underground bands in America. For support of their previous album the band did more than 150 shows across North America. For their new and fourth long player, Ride Forth, they already have 44 shows booked in 2016.

Exmortus Ride Forth Band Photo


To be honest, it didn't take long, like maybe five songs, for me to form an opinion of both Exmortus and their new album. Basically, they play a combination of old school thrash and speed metal led by twin neo-classical guitar wizardry. In other words, the tunes are fast and there's a shipload, like Titanic size shipload, of guitar solos. But here's the rub.

It's the vocals. They're border line death vocals. Something like clear death vocals. Yeah. That's an oxymoron. Generally, the vocals are more raw and grizzly than crusty undecipherable death growls. Again, honestly, I really couldn't get past those vocals. Not so much because they're dirty vocals, but because their monotonous and relentless. Possibly the worst combination. And because of this, I couldn't enjoy the heavy and barely heard the guitar magic, and the Exmortus guitarists are quite talented. So that's it. I apologize for not finding a video or Soundcloud link for you to consider.

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In Short

Exmortus play a combination of old school thrash and speed metal led by twin neo-classical guitar wizardry, which is upstaged by monotonous and relentless dirty vocals.

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