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Going To The Sun: Going To The Sun
Going To The Sun 2014 Debut CD Album Review

Going To The Sun: Going To The Sun

(Indie) Melodic Rock

Going To The Sun began, principally, with singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist David Young wanting to do something on the solo side of things, outside of his regular gig. It was to be an opportunity to write some new music and express new ideas and feelings. He was later joined by Zach Young on drums (sibling or relative, perhaps), with guest musicians filling in on various parts. This self-titled disc is their first album.

Going To The Sun Band Photo

Going To The Sun

I'm not sure what life event and subsequent emotions David Young is working through. Perhaps a loss of a loved one, perhaps by physical death, or maybe the demise of love relationship (i.e. some chick dropped him like a stone). It's hard to tell from the lyrics. The result is the same. Essentially, what you have is a singer-songwriter's self-medicating naval-gazing set to music. In this case it's light acoustic based indie melodic rock. And the listener is a witness to his catharsis.

Not being a true fan of the singer-songwriter motif to start with, the therapeutic kind is even more difficult for me to stomach. If you have loss and grief issues, seek some counseling. If the gal dumped you (not talking divorce here, just the usual boy-girl bullshit), then man up, dude.

If it's the former, I can get the cathartic and therapeutic value of music, and how it may help others as well. Whether one needs to hear a whole album of his emotional regurgitation is only a point for infinite debate. If it's the latter (the chick thing, remember), spare me the tears in the beer, latte, or appletini and stop being a pussy.

Otherwise, Young is quite the musical prodigy and a fine talent. The music, when not so somber, is lively and emotive, and so fits the lyrical expression and the emotions therein. Despite my aforementioned reservations, in this sense, the combination of coherent and thoughtful words with equally creative music is David Young's obvious strength, and what makes his debut a fine demonstration of both. It's a talent and expression few singer-songwriter's get right. Favorite tracks for this expression, and mostly because they're more lively, are New Year, Never Get Over You (nice melodic vocal arrangement), and Our Hearts Keeping On.

Going To The Sun 2014 Debut - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Going To The Sun offers well-crafted indie melodic rock from the talented singer-songwriter David Young as he bares his heart, soul, and emotions through music.

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