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Impellitteri: Venom
Impellitteri - Venom CD Album Review

Impellitteri: Venom

Heavy/Speed Metal

I've wondered what happened to guitarist Chris Impellitteri, not that I spend my time investigating the whereabouts of missing artists. I was pretty sure he wasn't dead. But his last album, Wicked Maiden was six years ago. Well, the neo-classical speed shredder is back, along with long time vocalist Rob Rock, for Venom.

Impellitteri Venom Band Photo


I basically gave everything away in that last sentence. His name is on the CD so, of course, this album is about Impellitteri's significant speed shredding in the neo-classical fashion. He's like one of those nitro-fueled dragsters: he stomps on the accelerator and just races to the end of the song. Fortunately, he can wrap the songs up in a decent melody and basic song structure. Rock and the rhythm section have to keep up. This riffs and leads are fast and sharp. Rock, to his credit, does his best to keep the pitch of his voice close to the tone of Imellitteri's guitar licks.

To be fair, there is at least one song that moderate's the pace, if every so slightly and that's Face The Enemy. Otherwise, every song is a quick rush of energy and done, usually in a little over three minutes. Who said you couldn't guitar shredding speed metal in a time context best used for a squirrelly pop song? Not me. In the end, I think Venom is for mostly for Impellitteri fans and those who love neo-classical guitar wonkery at warp speed.

Impellitteri - Venom Trailer (Official)

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In Short

Venom is for mostly for Impellitteri fans and those who love neo-classical guitar wonkery at warp speed.

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