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Imperia: Tears Of Silence
Imperia Tears Of Silence CD Album Review

Imperia: Tears Of Silence

Symphonic/Heavy/Power Metal

Okay. I've got to get if off my chest. Here we go again, another female-fronted melodic and symphonic heavy metal band. This time it's Imperia, a multi-national band of players, and their fourth album Tears Of Silence.

Imperia Tears Of Silence Band Photo


While this is my first experience with Imperia, that paragraph basically summarizes all you need to know. If you like the genre, then you'll like this. It's well-crafted and well-performed material. I say that because I don't know what else to add. Is there something Imperia is doing different than other bands of the same kind? Not really. They've got the orchestrated synthesizer for the bombastic symphonic layer nailed down tight, giving their music an epic sound. Sometimes it takes a true classical approach as at the start of My Screaming Heart. Nothing new. Throw in some lighter piano here and there like within Away, a true symphonic anthem. Imperia can also add some folk and world music touches like at the beginning of Friheten Vil Seire or at the beginning and end of Crossroads. As for the vocals, Helena Iren Michaelsen is probably Imperia's largest weapon. She has an exceptional range to her style, from classic rock/metal singing to the pitched operatic style. Of course, being "metal" there's an abundance of power riffage, select soaring guitar solos and, supporting all things, a rugged brisk rhythm section. Add this all up and these are the elements of typical and consistent female-fronted melodic and symphonic heavy metal. It's done very well. And that's all you need to know. Recommended.

Imperia - Crossroads

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In Short

If you like the female-fronted melodic and symphonic heavy metal genre, then you'll like Imperia's Tears Of Silence. It's well-crafted and well-performed material, but not necessarily something new, novel, or a departure from the tried and true.

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