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Jettblack: Disguises
Jettblack - Disguises CD Album Review

Jettblack: Disguises

Heavy Rock/Metal

Having made a name for themselves with two albums and extensive gigs in the UK and Europe, Jettblack returns with their third album Disguises. Yet, it's my first experience with the band, and I can say I've been presently surprised.

Jettblack Disguises Band Photo


But it didn't start out that way. My first impression was that there was lots of noise and d-tuned wonkery going on, enough to place them in the category of an English Nickelback. Who want's that label dropped on them? Second time around I discovered a band with big riffs and large thumping drums who sneak in more melody than you would suspect, strong clean vocals, catchy refrains, and crackin' guitar solos.

Then they wrap these things in a groove and swagger akin to Eighties sleaze metal. It's your daddy's or, in my case, my hard rock and heavy metal with today's modern intensity. But an intensity which avoids much of contemporary rock and metal's too common harshness. Jettblack does this largely through that inherent harmony and melody the sneak in through the guitar lines and vocal arrangements. Another notable aspect of Disguises is the brisk production and mix. It feels like the band told the mixer and mastering dudes to make all the parts louder than every other part. Take every instrument, possibly excepting the vocals, put them in a ring for a four man battle royale. Basically, Jettblack has a rather large sound which probably blows up venues, and likely other more punier bands, on a regular basis. And the album basically doesn't stop with the metal rock from the opening song, but a short reprieve comes with the lighter Black and White. Otherwise, top picks: Explode, Human, Poison Rain, and Disguises.

Jettblack - Explode

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In Short

With their classic hard rock and heavy metal wrapped up in modern intensity, Jettblack has a rather large sound which probably blows up venues, and likely other more punier bands, on a regular basis.

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