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Kat Perkins: Fearless (EP)
Kat Perkins Fearless EP CD Album Review

Kat Perkins: Fearless (EP)

Melodic (Pop) Rock

Though an American I'm not one to take interest in or follow American popular music on a regular basis. Too much rap, hip-hop, country, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift. The latter two could drop off the face of the earth and I wouldn't miss them. And for the most part true rock, hard rock, and heavy metal is on life support, if not nearly dead.

Kat Perkins Photo

Kat Perkins

So somebody, call them a thoughtful soul, drops the latest Kat Perkins EP, Fearless, in the mail to me. Yeah. I know. Kat who? One look of the CD picture made me skeptical. Braided hair. Pale skin. Tattoos. Well. This is the modern age of music, is it not? I'm thinking some sort of evil Taylor Swift doppelganger. That would be a twist. Then I read she was on season six of The Voice, and praised as the "the best rock singer we've ever had on the show" by music director Paul Mirkovich. And the first single Fearless made it to the first round of the 2015 Grammy Awards. You know. The show known for it's incredible ability to identify true talent.

Okay, I'll give this gal a spin. Wait for it. Holy crap. This girl can sing. She's got strength, power, and range to her delivery. More importantly, Ms. Perkins has passion and soul in her voice. And she can rock, in the best sense of pop accessibility, especially with the radio-friendly Paris and Good Girl. She even tackles Heart's Barracuda, not the easiest song to hit those tonal inflections. But Perkins covers it well, though the pacing seems slightly slower. Guitar lines are spot on. There are two versions of the aforementioned Fearless, a nice, sweet sounding, motivational pop song, which will likely promote several spins. I couldn't tell much difference between either version. All and all, good voice, fine singer, nice tunes. Wish there would have been more. Check out Kat Perkins.

Kat Perkins - Fearless - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Kat Perkins has a strong, melodic, and soulful voice, and she can rock out too. Check out her latest EP.

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