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M-Opus: 1975 Triptych
M-Opus - 1975 Triptych CD Album Review

M-Opus: 1975 Triptych

Melodic Progressive Rock

It appears Irish progsters M-Opus, principally Jonathan Casey (vocals, keyboards) and Colin Sullivan (guitars), want to be time travelers, probably in Dr. Brown's tricked out DeLorean. The duo have gathered together to create progressive rock which recalls a particular time in the past. 1975 Triptych, their first release, is intended to revisit 1975 with three songs: one immense long piece, Different Skies, at 33 minutes, bookended by two shorter pieces, Travelling Man and Wasps, eight and nine minutes respectively.

M-Opus Photo


I guess, in some sense, one would have to revisit his catalog of favorite prog albums of that year to determine if M-Opus succeeds at their attempt. Maybe whip out Hackett's Voyage of the Acolyte, Floyd's Wish You Were Here, or possibly Kansas's Song For America and search for similarities. You probably won't hear anything akin to the last two albums, maybe the first, but there's not quite enough guitar expression. And that was just picking three albums from a 40 year old memory.

Basically, 1975 Triptych sounds like general and traditional melodic progressive rock, with some symphonic nuances. It's lightly technical, but nearly sublime throughout. It comes across almost like prog elevator music, drifting about in the background, keeping your ears occupied without having to be engaged in the listening process. You could do almost any routine activity, like preparing a recipe or dusting your furniture, and the music flow and pass with you giving it little to no regard. Reading that you're probably thinking, "Is he saying it's boring?" No, not necessarily, it's creative, but not all that interesting. Travelling Man, for instance, and largely from the vocal arrangement, sounded old, maybe even earlier than 1975 prog rock. After two spins for review, I can't imagine myself going to this album for another listen. Read into that what you wish. By the way, they have their next album, based on 1978, almost done.

M-Opus - 1975 Triptych (Album Trailer)

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In Short

Basically, 1975 Triptych sounds like general melodic progressive rock, coming across almost like prog elevator music: drifting about in the background, keeping your ears occupied without having to be engaged in the listening process.

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