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Max Pie: Odd Memories
Max Pie - Odd Memories CD Album Review

Max Pie: Odd Memories

Heavy/Power Metal

Odd Memories marks the third installment from Belgium's Max Pie, formed by vocalist Tony Carlino. And I'm not sure we're making any progress here. Having re-read my review of 2013's Eight Places, One World, not much has changed in the band's approach or sound. I could literally repeat myself regarding this album and not feel that I've cheapened this review. But some comments are required, I guess.

Max Pie Odd Memories Band Photo

Max Pie

My first observation would be this: Max Pie was formed by a vocalist, and I think the rest of the players should fire him or bail on him, start another band. Carlino's vocals are all over the vocal spectrum, and only sound good when he's stays in range. Thankfully, he's not attempting as much dirty vocals as on the last album. It also doesn't help that the buffoon(s) would did the mixing and mastering essentially buried his voice on most songs. (Maybe Carlino can sing, and the production crew should be fired.)

But as I said about that last album, I liked it best when Carlino simply stopped singing. While their music hasn't changed, it's still the best part of any Max Pie album. This basically straight melodic heavy power metal, strong on riffage large on guitar solos, touched with some synths, and often wrapped in mildly technical arrangements. Odd Memories definitely wanders in to the realm of progressive power metal. Nice work, musically speaking and excepting the vocals, come with Promised Land, Love Hurts, Age Of Slavery, and The Fountain Of Youth as top picks.

Frankly, I've not much more to say at this point, that wasn't said to years ago. If you're a Max Pie fan, liked previous stuff, you will probably like this album also. If you haven't heard Max Pie, at least listen to the video below and decide for yourself if you wish to proceed further. I't pretty much done with this Max Pie album.

Max Pie - Unchain Me - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Frankly, with Max Pie's Odd Memories not much has changed or improved for Max Pie: the melodic progressive power metal is decent, the vocals not so much.

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