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Mindless Sinner: The New Messiah
Mindless Sinner The New Messiah CD Album Review

Mindless Sinner: The New Messiah

(Classic) Heavy Metal

Resurrected straight from the Eighties is obscure Swedish metal band Mindless Sinner. The band found some success with an EP and LP, respectively Master of Evil (1983) and Turn on the Power (1986). So why not a come back album? Here's The New Messiah recorded by nearly the entire original line up with Tommy Viktorsson replacing Tommy Johansson on drums.

Mindless Sinner The New Messiah Band Photo

Mindless Sinner

From the start, the band admits, "We have tried to make it sound like it would have done back in the day but of course with a new touch." Actually, there's nothing really new about the band's approach to heavy metal. Well, maybe the recording studio equipment is 30 years newer. Basically, this is old school heavy metal, the "keep it true" variety, born mostly out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Twin guitars; somewhat galloping pace at times; clean vocals with a screamo touch at times; and a generous focus on melody and harmony. You know the drill. Frankly, the best part is the twin guitar parts, offering consistent harmony and bunches of leads. The production seems a paradox, somewhat flat or muted, yet equally clear. Perhaps the only drawback is that there's no song here that really jumps out; it's all rather predictable. This doesn't make it a bad album, just keep your expectations in check and realize this stuff is, well, the status quo. Nevertheless, following their aforementioned comments, this is how classic heavy metal was done in the past and should be correctly done in the present. Recommended if you love this classic metal genre. Some picks: Time Of Fear, Step Into The Fire, Follow Your Path, and The New Messiah.

Mindless Sinner teaser album The new messiah - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Basically, Mindless Sinner's comeback album, The New Messiah is classic, yet somewhat derivative, old school heavy metal, the "keep it true" variety, born mostly out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

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