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Motor Sister: Ride
Motor Sister - Ride CD Album Review

Motor Sister: Ride

Heavy Rock/Metal

If you know the band Mother Superior, then you're one step ahead of me when it comes to explaining Motor Sister. Most may know the band as Henry Rollins' back up band. This totally explains why I never heard of them. I have had no interest in anything Rollins has done. But the band has done a ton of other work with some famous acts, and still found time to release eight albums on their own.

Motor Sister Ride Band Photo

Motor Sister

So how does this explain Motor Sister? It might be best to read the long version over at the Motor Sister Facebook page. But here's the skinny. Anthrax's Scott Ian is a huge fan of the Mother Superior, as is his wife Pearl Aday who has been working with MS guitarist and vocalist Jim Wilson. Ian's 50th birthday is coming up. What does he want for his birthday? Mother Superior. One thing leads to another and Ian, Aday, and Wilson put together a birthday jam band. The gala is hit, some industry types like the groove, and Metal Blade says, "If you record something, we'll sell it." Viola! Motor Sister is born, as essentially a Mother Superior cover band. (The band name was changed to protect the innocent.) Ride features 12 Mother Superior songs.

Largely, Motor Mother Superior Sister sways between heavy rock and metal, inherently influenced late Seventies hard rock with some blues and psychedelic tones mixed in. The riffs are large, heavy, and often fuzzed out. The groove underneath is solid rock, but you might feel a slight funk in Get That Girl. Some songs can be hard charging, like Fork in the Road, at least until the pseudo-psychedelic leads fly. Some of those real blues tones come through in This Song Reminds Me of You and Fool Around. But mostly the songs are heavy and grinding rock. The riff is thing and leads the way, yet not without sacrificing groove, melody, and a bunch of great guitar chops. The only thing I wonder about at this point, since I've never listened to Mother Superior, is whether these songs are "covers" or interpretations of their songs. Regardless, Motor Sister's Ride is some rocking and blistering stuff, sure to blow up the venue of your choice when they rumble into your town.

Motor Sister - Fork In The Road

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In Short

Motor Sister's Ride is some rocking and blistering stuff, sure to blow up the venue of your choice when they rumble into your town.

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