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Nomans Land: Last Crusade
Nomans Land Last Crusade CD Album Review

Nomans Land: Last Crusade

Heavy/Power Metal

I'm wondering why I bothered to download this promotional package for review. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Nomans Land is a Russian band, formed nearly 20 years ago, that plays basic heavy power metal, although they refer to it as Viking metal. I guess that's the first thing that threw me off. Russia had Vikings? Or Did the Vikings at some point invade Russia? Not getting the connection or interest.

Nomans Land Last Crusade Band Photo

Nomans Land

Last Crusade is the band's fifth album, the first in nearly six years. Essentially, once you've heard the first two or three songs, you've heard the entire album. Mostly it's lots of double bass drum rhythm, twin guitar harmony, some folk nuances, and undramatic lead guitar lines. It's all rather straightforward and, well, monotonous. It could be so dull, that you might even fall asleep listening. I walked out of the room once or twice and missed nothing. It just sounded like I was listening to the same song for better than 40 minutes.

But the really weird thing is bass player Hjervard's vocals. I'm not sure what sound he's trying to present. His vocals are dirty, but not quite. Are they death vocals? Maybe, but no so much He's gruff and growls. But mostly he sounds like a guy trying to sound like a pirate, and sucking at it. There's not much more to say about this album. It's not that you can't find something to like about it. But are you willing to take 40 minutes out of your life to do so?

Nomans Land - Strain At The Oars (Official)

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In Short

Essentially, once you've heard the first two or three songs of Last Crusade, you've heard the entire album. It's all rather straightforward and, well, monotonous.

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