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Sacral Rage: Illusions In Infinite Void
Sacral Rage - Illusions In Infinite Void CD Album Review

Sacral Rage: Illusions In Infinite Void

Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

Here's another band revisiting classic heavy/power metal with some skill and creativity. From Athens, Sacral Rage have one EP to their credit, but now they arrive with their first long player, Illusions In Infinite Void, signed to Cruz Del Sur Music.

Sacral Rage Band Photo

Sacral Rage

Mostly the album is a return to early Eighties heavy metal, largely based on a foundation of speed metal. The surprising thing about Sacral Rage is that they have a larger sound than you would think coming from a four piece. Considering the strength of the riffs and general guitar harmony who think that they have a second guitarist. But no. Guitarist Mario P deals out riffs with madman-like abandon, then adding some terrific leads for even more wizardry.

Underneath the rhythm section is ambitious and spry: the bass hustles along and the drums rumble at a steady threatening pace. Vocalist Dimitris K fills out the circle with classic, more often than not, screamo heavy metal vocals. Most times he sounds like a Geddy Lee at the top of his register, with his nuts caught in a vice. Considered from this aspect, Sacral Rage's metal music is the more dynamic and entertaining part of the band and album.

And most every song is a charging, generally fast paced, number with little moderation. However, within Inner Sanctum Asylum there are some nice breakdowns that feature bass and drums. But again, that's merely dropping the riffs out and letting the rhythm section smooth things out. Also, you might find some (very) slight moderation within Into Mental East, a mostly instrumental piece. But it's all good, if merely for the abundance and enthusiasm of Mario's guitar work. Of final note, the closing number, Lost Chapter E, suggests it's length to be fifteen minutes. However, the song winds down after six and a half minutes, leaving only silence. Then, four minutes later an eerie instrumental rises. It makes wonder if a person will actually take the time follow along to that end. Now, you have a heads up. But if you miss it, you won't have missed much.

Sacral Rage - Panic in Urals (Burning skies)

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In Short

With Illusions In Infinite Void, Sacral Rage delivers some dynamic and entertaining classic heavy speed metal, with guitar work the stand out performance.

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