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Scorcher: Steal The Throne
Scorcher Steal The Throne CD Album Review

Scorcher: Steal The Throne

Heavy/Power Metal

Even though I have a picture of a band below, Scorcher isn't really a "band" in the usual sense. No, it's just one guy, namely, Vangelis Tex or just Tex to his friends. Tex does everything, from top to bottom, every instrument to vocals, and production as well.

Scorcher Steal The Throne Band Photo


And he returns with his second long-player, Steal The Throne. It's largely a repeat of his last album, traditional heavy metal of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal variety, with Tex's lead guitar work at the forefront. Neither the material nor the Tex Scorcher sound is novel or new. But Tex knows the genre well and essentially nails it down tight. There's an abundance of melody and harmony throughout, notably from the combination of guitar riffs and vocals. He's also got the speed of power metal pumped into most every song with Harbinger of Death, Ares, and Retaliation as good examples. Conversely, the title track offers some moderate pacing, at least until Tex rips into his guitar solo, then pace quickens. Additionally, there is one lighter track, The Placebo Effect, with vocals and acoustic guitar in the first half. It gives way to lead guitar and sharper riffs to conclude. Mostly, I would characterize Tex Scorcher and Steal The Throne as true guitar player's album with "true metal" as Tex's canvas. All in all, it decent stuff, another fine accomplishment for him.

Scorcher - Steal The Throne (Steel Gallery Records) 2015

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In Short

Once more the one-man show of Vangelis Tex brings another Scorcher project: classic melodic heavy power metal with his fret work at the forefront.

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