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Seconds Before Landing: II
Seconds Before Landing - II CD Album Review

Seconds Before Landing: II

Ambient/Melodic/Midi Rock

Composer and multi-instrumentalist John Crispino returns with his second Seconds Before Landing projects, aptly dubbed II. Once again, he strikes a familiar chord, straying little from his interest in ambient melodic progressive rock, where his midi keys hold the largest sway. Think some old Atari or Nintendo video game, a touch of Pink Floyd, and general quirky electronic prog rock. That, and what seems to be a theme, quite a bit of spoken words. It's mostly the general weirdness from the first album The Great Deception, just repeated. I mention the Pink Floyd reference because there are several songs here, Hey Dad and Eitiene, which make you feel that Crispino is trying to compose his own [The] Wall album.

Basically, in the end, I got tired of all the repititive "midi' stuff wandering about this album. It was particularly annoying within Don't Want To Feel This where they sound like an over-sized tsetse fly buzzing about your ears. My second time through II, I totally skipped the song. Yuk. It's shame, really, as that song features Trey Gunn on Warr guitar and bowed bass. And speaking of musical celebrities of a sort, several songs feature John Palumbo of Crack The Sky fame on rhythm guitar and Ebow. (Loved that band back in the Seventies.) Crispino suggests that you should listen to this album with headphones. But I would suggest a precautionary not, as that a host of midi tsetse flies might enter your head through your ears and eat your brain. I don't know. I'm guessing this midi key ambient prog ain't my thing.

Seconds Before Landing II - Don't Want To Feel This Way - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

In Short

Composer John Crispino invites you to enjoy more "midi" key based ambient melodic prog rock: think an old Atari game meets Pink Floyd and general audio weirdness ensues.

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