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Sykopath Condor: Cell 36
Sykopath Condor Cell 36 CD Album Review

Sykopath Condor: Cell 36

Heavy/Stoner Rock

With such a proliferation of new music being churned out on a daily basis, finding that one truly exciting release isnít always the easiest thing to achieve these days. Indeed, though there may be plenty of good music out there, truly great music -the kind that ignites the senses, grips the psyche and sends you rocketing to another dimension where only you and the riffs exist -thatís a rare beast if ever there was one.

Sykopath Condor Cell 36 Band Photo

Sykopath Condor

Thankfully, fans of groove-infused, adrenaline-fuelled stoner rock no longer need search the length and breadths of the astral planes to track down such a beast; itís all presented and accounted for here in Cell 36, the latest full-length offering from Luton, UK rockers, Sykopath Condor.

Chock-full of deeply delicious basslines and serpentine riffs, the album coils around the veins from the opening moment, dragging you headlong into a cyclone of emotion.

At one minute, the raging guitars and gut-thumping rhythms deliver the kind of unbridled intensity that inspire normally placid folks to take on ten of the biggest dudes in the rock club to a brutal battle royale. The next, the trudging pace and evocative ambiance of tracks like Reference escort you to some place else entirely, to a sweltering desert where the only thing youíre capable of doing is sitting back, closing your eyes, and letting those infectious grooves see through the skin like a welcome injection of toxic tranquility.

Yet no matter what this nine-track beast of an album puts you in, thereís one thing does remain consistent throughout: Namely, an undoubtable knack on the part of the Sykopath Condor clan for smashing their influences together and transforming them into a collection of instantly enjoyable, original stoner rock tracks.

Highlights are in abundance here. From the scorching opener of Gods & Demons, which comes tearing out of the gate like Monster Magnet on a speed-kick, to the soul-stirring magnum opus of Senses, which channels Kyuss at their most spaced-out and serene, all riding a certain grungy undercurrent which bleeds its way slowly across the rest of the album, thereís scarcely a dull moment in sight with Cell 36. Nor are there any two tracks which ever sound the same.

From start to finish, the band surprise and delight at every turn, all resulting in that rarest of beasts; a rock Ďní roll album that really does rise above the masses of new music, grips you by the psyche and hurtles you at full speed to a whole new astral plane. Top marks to Sykopath Condor then, this truly is one of the most exciting new albums your reviewer has heard so far in 2015.

Sykopath Condor - Senses - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

One of the most exciting new stoner rock albums of 2015, Cell 36 is chock-full of deeply delicious basslines and serpentine riffs that surprise and delight at every turn.

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