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The Kahless Clone: An Endless Loop (EP)
The Kahless Clone - An Endless Loop CD Album Review

The Kahless Clone: An Endless Loop

Instrumental Rock/Metal

Let's start with some simple facts. The Kahless Clone, named from the Star Trek Klingon, is the side project of Novembers Doom guitaris Vito Marchese. The four songs within his first EP, An Endless Loop are instrumental arrangements he had been working on over the past years.

The Kahless Clone An Endless Loop Band Photo

Vito Marchese

As for Marchese's musical style within the album, press materials describes it as both dark metal and post rock. I had to look both genres up and discovered that most people have only vague descriptions of either one. It appears the former could include anything from the melancholic to doom to death to other extreme metal; the latter seems to be characterized by songs being mostly instrumental. Applying this to The Kahless clone, these are instrumental songs with a melancholic to pensive mood. the first two songs, Leave This Place With Me and I Can Feel Them, But I Can't Remember Them, have some abrupt and sharp heavy parts from Marchese's guitar. In the first song, it's a definite contrast to the minor key piano line. Generally, however, there's sad and lonely feeling to Marchese's music. An Endless Loop is not something you would want a steady diet of and still mantain some sense sanity. Alternatively, excepting the aforementioned stronger guitar parts, the music could simply be considered quiet to gentle. In this sense, it could be something played to relax, perhaps with a cup of tea or some Merlot. But then those sharp guitars come in and ruin everything. In the end, I can simply say none of this resonated with me and the CD will never come off the shelf again.

The Kahless Clone - "I Can Feel Them, but I Can't Remember Them"

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In Short

The Kahless Clone's An Endless Loop is merely guitarist Vito Marchese's post rock dark metal instrumental musing which held little interest for me.

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