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Thundermother: Road Fever
Thundermother Road Fever CD Album Review

Thundermother: Road Fever

Hard Rock

Holy Shiite. These chicks can rock. Move over guys, pretenders, and otherwise lame ass boy bands. With lipsticks, high heels, more likely Converse sneakers, the Thundermother girls will run you over like a runaway freight train, and you'll like it.

Thundermother Photo


With their second album, Road Fever, Thundermother, a five piece band, deliver what can only be described as no-nonsense guitar driven hard rock n roll. I don't know how much you need to parse that out. Thundermother is somewhat of a throwback. Classic rock, even some punk. Their sound is sharp and edgy enough to trend towards heavy metal, even speed metal at times. At times, with their basic raw rock sound, Thundermother reminds me of the Ramones, only with girls, heavier guitars, an abundance of solos, and maybe a touch of Motorhead thrown. All these things are wrapped up in melody and groove, as rock should be. Irish gal and vocalist Clare Cunningham fits the sound with her clean, strong, sometimes sneering voice. Think Ann Wilson, if she could sing punk metal.

As for the songs, mostly, excepting a few songs, they kick ass. Straight up catchy groove rock. You'll tap your toe as much as band your head. Several songs simply grab with that groove and rock accessibility like the totally catchy It's Just A Tease, Deal With The Devil, and the massive Alright Alright. Sometimes Thundermother keeps it simple, even brief, packing their punch with that swift punkish groove: FFWF and Roadkill barely make it past two minutes. Again think the minimalism of the Ramones. Alternatively, there were two songs that didn't connect with me. Vagabond simply seemed to drag while the guitarist seemed to be seeking some blues groove. Thunder Machine had the feeling that Thundermother was trying to tap into their inner AC/DC, and falling short. They're not bad songs by any means but they didn't appeal to me. Nevertheless, for fundamental and minimalist guitar rock with lots of attitude and groove, the girls of Thundermother deliver the goods. Recommended.

Thundermother - It's Just A Tease - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

For fundamental and minimalist guitar rock with lots of attitude and groove, the girls of Thundermother deliver the goods with their second album, Road Fever. Recommended.

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