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VCPS 2015 EP CD Album Review


Melodic Hard Rock

You can change your band name or, in the case of Sweden's Viet Cong Porn Surfers, merely shorten it to VCPS. But does that change the band's sound? For some bands it does. Break up to make up a new band with a new name. Not so much with VCPS.

VCPS 2015 EP Photo


They're still doing their lively version of punk inspired, bit sleazified, melodic hard rock on this six song self-titled EP. Actually, I think these songs lean more towards basic rock, melodic and darn catchy. Good melodies with harmony, notably in the vocal arrangements and guitar. Supporting this is some true groove, veering close to the danceable kind. All Bad Things strikes that chord. Overall, VCPS sounds a bit more stripped down, somewhat raw, which only supports the punk rock side of things. That punkish protest sound comes through in Yes, I Can, yet still sounds somewhat like AOR. Possibly even more so in the AOR vein is Hold Me, a slightly subdued song, perhaps nearing a ballad. So what's the goal here? The end game? A reinvention of themselves? I'm not sure. VCPS is basically the same band with the same sound, and they still sound pretty good. Maybe they just needed us to sit up and take notice. I'm guessing there's also more tune on the horizon.

VCPS - All Over The Internet - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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In Short

Shortening their name to four letters, the formerly Viet Cong Porn Surfers, with this self-titled six song EP, give you an appetizer of their familiar punk-infused melodic hard rock. Some things don't change.

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