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Vile Caliber: Tomorrow's For Those Who Dare
Vile Caliber Tomorrow's For Those Who Dare CD Album Review

Vile Caliber: Tomorrow's For Those ...

Melodic Hard Rock

Where do they find these band names? Vile Caliber? Not getting it. It's like that Dilbert cartoon. The one where the Dogbert ad agency is called upon to give the company a new image. He randomly combines two words from astronomy and electronics: Uranus-Hertz. Wherein the pointy-haired boss says, "I like it."

Vile Caliber Band Photo

Vile Caliber

Whatever. Vile Caliber is a young upstart band from Helsinki Finland, offering their first album, Tomorrow's For Those Who Dare. The band and their sound basically fall into the realm of the resurgence of Scandi melodic hard rock in the glam and sleaze tradition. Like Hardcore Superstar and such, they want to rock like their daddies did in 1987. Actually, Vile Caliber's not all that bad. Their strongest points are likely the hefty guitar lines, especially the roaring leads, and the tight rhythm section which easily handles the fast pacing of the songs. As they should, they wrap all these things in melody and harmony with a fair share of crafty hooks in the arrangements. But then there's a problem.

And that problem is the vocals. I don't think Arti can sing or should be singing. Maybe he actually can sing, but you sure as hell can't understand him or a word he's saying (which might be good thing if the lyrics are nonsensical). Geez. This guy could be singing in Klingon, and you wouldn't get it. You would think it would be better on the ballad Intertwine To Inspire, but not so much. You get some slight hope with Break The Chains To Free Us, but that's still pushing it. With little doubt Vile Caliber has some potential in their chosen genre, but if they don't fix this issue, I'm not sure this potential will be realized. Best cuts for the strong points: Break The Chains To Free Us, Dare To Love & Lose Control, and For The Sake Of Romance.

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In Short

Vile Caliber offers Scandi melodic hard rock in the glam and sleaze tradition and, excepting the poor vocals, the band is pretty good at their chosen genre.

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