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Voodoo Hill: Waterfall
Voodoo Hill Waterfall CD Album Review

Voodoo Hill: Waterfall

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

It's a collaboration that was begun some 15 years ago, but Voodoo Hill, featuring veteran rock vocalist Glenn Hughes and guitar maestro Dario Mollo, return with Waterfall, after an eleven year absence.

Voodoo Hill Waterfall Band Photo

Dario Mollo & Glenn Hughes

It's not like both men haven't been busy. Not the least of which is Hughes, who never seems to stand still, with his latest acts Black Country Communion and California Breed. In one sense, Voodoo Hill is a departure from the sound of the bands. With Mollo nearby with his guitar riffs, the Voodoo Hill sound leans more to guitar-driven classic melodic hard rock. Yet, if you know anything about Hughes, you can't take the blues and soul out of his voice. It's certainly there, as is his strength and range. You can't miss any of it within tracks like Rattle Shake Bone, Evil Thing, Karma Go, or the epic title track. What's may be missing is some of his clarity, notably when he gets a bit screamo or enveloped by Mollo's abundant riffage. And some if this can get pretty heavy, like the aforementioned Karma Go, The Well, or especially Sunflower, a very muscular tracks that smacks also of some blues groove.

More reserved material comes with Underneath and Down Below, which features some sublime guitar moments in the center, but rounds out with a bounty of continuous riffs and leads. Underneath, no pun intended, is a faux symphonic texture; above Hughes' vocals variously floating and soaring to the melody. It's essentially spry and tight song composition, with additional benefit of pristine production. Note how clear the bass line is throughout. All in all, Voodoo Hill's Waterfall is solid and entertaining guitar-driven, vocal lead, classic melodic hard rock. Perhaps we won't have to wait another ten years or more for another album. Easily recommended.

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In Short

All in all, Voodoo Hill's Waterfall, featuring Glenn Hughes and Dario Mollo, is solid and entertaining guitar-driven, vocal lead, classic melodic hard rock.

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