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Within Silence: Gallery Of Life
Within Silence - Gallery Of LifeCD Album Review

Within Silence: Gallery Of Life

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

What the heavy metal world needs is more European power metal bands. You know, like it needs one more symphonic heavy metal band with a female vocalist. Forgive more than a little sarcasm, but these bands are everywhere, coming out of some studio almost daily. But, here's thing, I can be a sucker for melodic power metal. So welcome, from Slovakia, Within Silence and their debut album, Gallery Of Life on Ulterium Records.

Within Silence Gallery Of Life Band Photo

Within Silence

If you had to look twice at the band name, thinking Within Temptation instead of Within Silence, don't feel bad. It happened to me. The name is better than the one that they started with, Right Door. It probably sounded better in their native Slovakian. Also, unlike Within Temptation, the band plays more melodic power metal. I thought I heard some female background vocals, but there's no woman in the band. It must be some dude with a higher pitch (or no balls). Lead vocalist Martin Klein sings clean and melodic, but when he goes screamo he's hard to understand. There are some dirty vocals provided by lead guitarist Richard Germanus. They're not totally annoying. But death vocals still suck.

After these things, Within Silence's power metal is rather generic, sounding like some twist of Sonata Arctica, Supreme Majesty, and Edguy. Most every song has the galloping power metal pace, a good melody in twin guitar riffs and vocal arrangements, some catchy refrain, and large guitar solo. In other words, it's all the elements you would expect from power metal. You'll here some piano and synths here and there, yet there's no indication of a dedicated keyboard player in the band. The result is that most of this music is standard stuff, but neither new or extraordinary. Yet, some songs did stand out. Two are Elegy of Doom and Judgment Day for their groove, catchy melody and lyrical hooks. Another is The Last Drop of Blood, thanks to the charging pace and wall of riffage giving it an epic feel. But mostly I liked the cool piano outro at the end. At the end of the day, Within Silence and Gallery Of Life is typical European melodic power metal, all that you would expect from the genre. If that's your thing, you'll probably like this album. I did.

Within Silence - Road To The Paradise

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In Short

Within Silence and Gallery Of Life is typical European melodic power metal, all that you would expect from the genre, standard stuff, but neither new or extraordinary.

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