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Airbourne: Breakin' Outta Hell
Airbourne Breakin' Outta Hell CD Album Review

Airbourne: Breakin' Outta Hell

Hard Rock

Airbourne, the obvious heir apparents to the Australian hard rock throne, return with their fourth album, Breakin' Outta Hell, now on the Finnish label Spinefarm Records.

Airbourne Band Photo


From that single sentence you can figure out both who I'm alluding to and what Airbourne's music sounds like. The simple description is that Airbourne sounds like AC/DC only with more screamo vocals and one less band member. They've got the whole boogie hard rock in their blood that made Australia's favorite hard rock sons famous. Also, brisk bold riffs, screaming solos, and a pummeling heavy rhythm section. It's loud, it's in your face, and it's swaggering with below the belt gut level bravado. It's kegger music. It's kick your ass music.

"What you say? Well, fuck you, too. I'll kick your ass, pinhead." That's how a conversation would go in a bar, on a Saturday night, when somebody had too many drinks, and somebody else insulted his girlfriend. It also explains Airbourne, both musically and as a band.

The song titles also explain Airbourne with some clarity and efficiency: It's Never Too Loud For Me, I'm Going To Hell For This (Tucker Max's theme song), It's All For Rock N Roll (dedicated to the late Lemmy Kilmister), or my personal favorite, When I Drink I Go Crazy. Apparently, the Airbourne boys like to jump off the roof of hotels into the pool. (Everybody needs a hobby.) I've done some crazy shit after a few drinks too (but not lately). (Damn, there's alot of parenthetical statements in this review.) Basically, Breakin' Outta Hell rocks hard from the gate and doesn't stop. There ain't no pussy ballads, either. Nope.

I find several appropriate uses for this album. One, the army could use the music to drive some ISIS assholes out of their compound. Two, crank it up on your next road trip through Texas which has speed limits up to 85mph in some rural spots. Third, listen to BOH while drinking copious amounts of your favorite brew washed back by some decent Kentucky bourbon. Get loaded, get good and mean, and then beat the shit out of some punk who listens to Justin Beiber or some hipster pussy who thinks rock music begins Fallout Boy. That last one was intended as sarcasm, if you didn't get it. Bottom line: if you like Airbourne's approach of extra screamo, AC/DC inspired, down under boogie-infused hard rock, you will dig this album.

Airbourne - Breakin' Outta Hell

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The Bottom Line

If you like Airbourne's approach of extra screamo, AC/DC inspired, down under boogie-infused hard rock, you will dig Breakin' Outta Hell. Nuff said.

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