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Gallows Pole: Doors Of Perception
Gallows Pole Doors Of Perception CD Album Review

Gallows Pole: Doors Of Perception

Melodic Hard/Heavy Rock

Trying to find current information about Austria's Gallows Pole is, essentially, an exercise in futility. They don't up date their website, and their Facebook page has the same history from two years ago, a history that dates back to 1977 and taking their name from a Led Zeppelin. Good luck trying to find a decent band photo or a sample, a video or something, from their latest album. But here we are in 2016 with their latest album, and eighth album if I counted correctly, Doors Of Perception.

Also of some futility is describing the Gallows Pole sound. The larger category is melodic hard rock with nuances of Seventies heavy rock and proto-metal, even some space and psychedelic vibes. Most of the songs revolve around founding member Alois Martin Binder's guitar riffage and solos. Yet, I say that with little accurate knowledge. There is a second guitarist in Harald Prikasky, and he maybe deliver some leads as well. Significant guitar work comes with the heavy riffing Burn It Down, the instrumental Watching The Sun God Down, and the riff roaring Bring Me Through The Night, with one of the sharpest guitar solos you'll here. On a lighter side, both in sound and guitar work is the more gentle A Rainbow Just For Me and Doors Of Perception, yet this song also has it's heavier sharper moments, notably near the end.

That song is also a good example of Binder's vocal style. After the significant guitar angle, the next thing you notice is Binder's voice. His voice slides between something like a moan and a whine, carrying more than a little melancholy as he sings. Binder sometimes sounds like Tom Petty, singing from the back of his nasal cavity. After these things, all I can say, by way of conclusion, is this: if you liked Gallows Pole's previous material, you'll find that Doors Of Perception finds the band on pace in their own style. Perhaps they should have named the album Time Stands Still Again. Recommended for fans.

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In Short

If you liked Gallows Pole's previous material, you'll find that Doors Of Perception finds the band on pace and still moving forward in their own style. Recommended for fans.

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