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High Spirits: Motivator
High Spirits Motivator CD Album Review

High Spirits: Motivator

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

What began in 2009 as a bunch of demos tossed into a vinyl package has morphed into a seven year stretch of success for High Spirit. Two more albums followed with touring in both North America and Europe. Now the quintet returns with their fourth long-player, Motivator, once more on the High Roller Records label.

High Spirits Motivator Band Photo

High Spirits

It's no mere slogan or promotional pitch when the Chicago based describes their music as "high energy rock." Motivator from start to finish is a brisk workout. Still blurring the line between classic rock and traditional metal, the songs move with bounce, speed, and groove. Twin guitars flail and flair being pushed along by an ambitious, nearly relentless, rhythm section. From that rhythm section the bass line swarms rattling fury. Blistering guitar solos also fly like a barrage of electric string bottle rockets. If there's any song that dials back on High Spirits power-popping melodic metal it's only Haunted By Love, yet still brimming with riffage, leads, and that slapping bass line. All this is to say, that if you're familiar with the band, High Spirits is certainly in their groove, on their A-game. Even more, the production on Motivator is significantly better than any of their previous albums. Mostly sounding a bit muted in the past, this album sounds crisp and lively, even sounding like a live performance with a fresh enthusiasm. Fundamentally, if you've liked everything High Spirits has done in the past, you will want Motivator. It's probably their best recording to date. Recommended.

High Spirits - Take Me Home

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The Bottom Line

If you've liked everything High Spirits has done in the past, you will want Motivator, more of their brisk high energy rock. It's probably their best recording to date. Recommended.

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