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Mayfair: My Ghosts Inside
Mayfair My Ghosts Inside CD Album Review

Mayfair: My Ghosts Inside

Melodic Progressive Rock

From Austria, Mayfair has a history that dates back to the late Eighties. Between 1989 and 1998, they released three demos and three albums, and then went silent. The band's revival came fifteen years later in 2013 with Schlage Mein Herz, Schlage (translation?) and now return with My Ghosts Inside.

Mayfair Band Photo

Mayfair: note to self, to shave my head.

To be honest, to say from the start, I didn't much care for this album. One, it's immensely dark, melancholy, even foreboding. But I think that was intended from the title. Two, here and there the vocalist Mario "le Fate" Prunster sings in German, not my native tongue. So what's he saying? How should I know. Additionally, having an interesting vocal repertoire, there are times he reverts to screams, growls, or simply talking. Generally, I found the music and direction confusing. I didn't understand what direction it was taking at any time. While the music can be at once ethereal and atmospheric then juxtaposed with sharp riffs and a deep bottom end, I found it kind of boring and monotonous, and then depressing, especially Loss, Desert, and Until We Meet Again.

It's difficult to find anything up beat or joyful here. Yeah, heavy and erupting as in the core of Ghostrider, but nothing that lifts the spirit or gets your groove on. Maybe the very beginning of When Angels and Demons Meet, yet that's a stretch. But, I'm probably approaching this from the completely wrong direction. I shouldn't be looking something that was not intended to be there, let alone found. My advice? If you listen to the album, just shoot the needle crank in your eye and go straight to rehab. At this point, I could even suffer an ABBA song to lift my spirits. Ugh. The horror.

Mayfair - Desert

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In Short

I didn't much care for Mayfair's latest effort, My Ghosts Inside. It's immensely dark, melancholy, even foreboding. Not my thing. Honesty is a bitch.

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