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Project Masquerade: Nothing But Everything ...
Project Masquerade Nothing But Everything Will Remain CD Album Review

Project Masquerade: Nothing But Everything Will Remain

Progressive Metal

I'll try to be brief with this review. I'll tell you why in a moment. Project Masquerade is the musical project of Dutch composer and guitarist Noud Smeets. He's had a variety of musical experiences in various bands since the Eighties. Project Masquerade gets it's name from the first band he formed back in the day.

Noud Smeets Photo

Noud Smeets

The reason I want to keep this brief is that Nothing But Everything Will Remain is not a new album. It was recorded over six years ago and released five years ago. For some reason the label choose to leave that little detail out when pitching the album to the press. Well, at least the album is new to them.

So what you basically have with Smeets and Project Masquerade is guitar-driven progressive metal. And that summarizes Smeets and this album.

But to add some more. Smeets basically merges classic heavy metal and power metal, then rips into large, often neo-classical, guitar solos on seven and eight string guitars. And Smeets is a fine and skilled player. I liked his playing, but there was nothing extraordinary about it. And the songs were generally similar, lots of riffage, some sparse keyboard work, and lots of solos. Oh yeah. There's some guy doing death vocals for Carve Your Heart, which pretty much sucks. But the guitar work is nice. Enough has been said. Oh yeah. The album title is pretty cool. You can listen below, and form your own opinion, but this album is probably best left for guitar enthusiasts.

Project Masquerade - Nothing But Everything Will Remain

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In Short

Five years old, Project Masquerade's Nothing But Everything Will Remain is guitar-driven progressive metal from Dutch composer and guitarist Noud Smeets

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